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PLEASE NOTE: Due to various circumstances there are some weeks that messages are not recorded/posted.
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SERIES: "Gods at War"
MESSAGE: "Choose"
SCRIPTURE: Joshua 24:14-24
DATE: February 14, 2016
SERIES: "Gods at War"
MESSAGE: "The Greatest Pleasure"
SCRIPTURE: I Kings 18:16-39
DATE: February 21, 2016
SERIES: "Gods at War"
MESSAGE: "Who Completes You?"
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 29:16-35
DATE: February 28, 2016
SERIES: "Gods at War"
MESSAGE: "God of Money"
SCRIPTURE: Luke 12:13-21
DATE: March 6, 2016
SERIES: "Gods at War"
MESSAGE: "God of Power/Success"
SCRIPTURE: Mark 10:17-27
DATE: March 13, 2016
SERIES: "A Biblical Life Perspective"
SERMON: "Stand Firm in the Faith"
SCRIPTURE: I Corinthians 15:51-58
DATE: April 24, 2016
SERMON: "Lord of Pots and Pans"
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 20:20-28
DATE: May 1, 2016
SERIES: "When Life Doesn't Make Sense"
SERMON: "A Puzzled Prophet"
SCRIPTURE: Habakkuk 1:1-11
DATE: May 8, 2016